U.S. Embassy Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea

The U.S. Diplomatic Mission Facilities in Port Moresby are growing in order to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding Papua New Guinea economy, and the resulting increase of U.S. investment and business interests in PNG. As a result, Embassy space needed to accommodate government agencies has increased significantly while the New Embassy Campus, designed by Karn Charuhas Chapman & Twohey was under construction. KCCT invited Krueck + Sexton to join the project team as design architect for the expanded embassy campus which includes the following new facilities; Office Building Annex, Marine Residence, Site Landscape Development, and other Facilities for the Embassy Community.

The resulting design responds to the extreme tropical climate in order to optimize environmental sustainability. Building orientation and shading are optimized to reduce solar heat gain from the intense equatorial sun. The Office Annex is oriented to minimize fenestration on the east and west facades where low sky sun penetrates.  This orientation also takes advantage of the scenic northern and southern views, unique to this place.

External sun shades, ubiquitous in indigenous and contemporary Papua New Guinea building construction, simultaneously shade the expansive windows on the north and south facades and provide for a low–glare environment which will aid in minimizing electric lighting and thereby reduce the internal cooling load generated by lighting.

The site purchased for the Embassy was previously a clean rock landfill which was restored to natural character with the use of native planting materials. These landscape materials and trellis walkways create comfortable outdoor spaces and contribute to shading for the buildings. The material palette of buff colored natural stone, local Papua New Guinea eucalyptus, and light colors create a refreshing oasis for visitors, residents, and embassy staff representing the best in architectural simplicity.